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CoDe Magazine Cover Sept/Oct 2007
Be sure to read the September/October 2007 issue of Code Magazine featuring several articles about XNA Game Studio Express, such as getting started with GSE, the role of XNA for game development professionals, GDC news, an interview with Frank Savage and more!

XNA Essentials

The XNA Creators Club online is the primary meeting place for XNA professionals and enthusiasts, featuring very active forums full of passionate XNA folks, including Microsoft XNA team members and XNA MVPs. It also features the latest samples, starter kits, mini games, tutorials and other great resources from the XNA team.
The MSDN Online Developer Center dedicated to XNA is where you'll find the downloads you need to get started with XNA Game Studio, the latest news from the XNA team, links to other community resources, the official XNA FAQ and more.

Featured XNA Vendors

To assist you in getting the most out of XNA Game Studio Express, independent game maker and technology provider GarageGames has added Torque X to their existing suite of Torque game engines. GarageGames has already migrated key portions of their 2D and 3D game development technologies to the XNA platform, making it easier to design and build a full-featured game in managed C# and the XNA Framework.
If you are a Creators Club Premium member, your membership allows you to download TorqueX for free here.

Featured XNA Books

Book: XNA Unleashed
Microsoft XNA Unleashed
by Chad Carter. Foreword by Tom Miller. Published by SAMS (2007).
Buy now on Amazon.com or Barnes and Noble.
Professional XNA Game Programming for Xbox 360 and Windows
by Benjamin Nitschke. Published by Wiley/Wrox (2007).
Buy now from Amazon or Barnes and Noble.

Featured XNA Sites

Another great XNA Community site full of resources by XNA MVP Michael Morton.
A very informative site about programming games with the XNA Framework and Managed DirectX by Andy "ZMan" Dunn, XNA MVP.
This site from my buddy and fellow CoDe magazine author and XNA MVP George Clingerman features great tutorials for 2D game development with XNA Game Studio.
A blog site by XNA Team member Shawn Hargreaves, full of amazing insights, tips, tricks and technical examples for XNA Game Studio developers.


This is the future home of XNAMentor.com, an informative community site dedicated to XNA game developers like you. Whether you're a professional, hobbyist, student, academician or teacher, you'll find that XNAMentor.com has something to offer.
But this site is also about you too! Join the community and contribute to the success of your peers by sharing tips, tricks, demos, code snippets, tutorials, articles and more. I will also be hosting sections to share community news, events featuring XNA content like conferences, user groups, and code camps, as well as reviewing completed XNA games.
As you can see, the site is still under construction but it'll be ready for action pretty soon. In the meantime, I invite you to nonetheless create a free account on the site and join us in preparation for the site's upcoming official launch. Be sure to come back and check with us shortly. Stay tuned!
Best regards,
Nickolas "ActiveNick" Landry, MVP
XNAMentor.com Founder and Administrator

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